Slow, Analogue, Dark

Dark Gallery CPH is an artist-driven artspace where creatives, photographers, filmmakers, and anyone with a story to tell can curate their own exhibitions.

We are a slow gallery dedicated to film photography, interactive storytelling and photographic documentation. Most of the gallery is Dark Space where all light is a performative part of the curated experience.

Dark Gallery CPH values experimentation, which is why exhibitions have never previously been featured. While rooted in the world of traditional film photography, the gallery embraces all forms of image-making technology, often pursuing wild crossovers between mediums.

Want to exhibit at Dark Gallery CPH? Check out our collaboration webpage and DM us for further information – or drop by the gallery!


Want to join the gallery?

Dark Gallery CPH is a not-for-profit photography gallery initiated and conceived by Kim Wyon. In 2025, the gallery will transition to a group-led gallery model. The vision is to create an open and independant venue for photographers, artists, creatives and anyone with an idea at heart. 

There are two ways to join:

  • Dark Gallery Partners: Up to 7 partners will manage the gallery, collaboratively curating and developing this experimental photography artspace, also with their own personal exhibitions, projects and visions. The partners engage with festivals and host events on behalf of the gallery. The individual partners cover the gallery’s costs by either paying a relatively limited monthly personal fee or helping to generate revenue streams for the gallery.
  • Dark Gallery Club: Up to 10 members will have the opportunity to curate an annual group exhibition with their own works and host regular events at the gallery (such as art talks and workshops). Membership is free and requires volunteering for gallery work, such as staffing.

Interested in joining an open, independant and experimental photography artspace? Contact the gallery directly.