Dark Gallery CPH invites proposals from photographers, artists, filmmakers, festivals and curators – and anyone with a story to share.


An open gallery

Dark Gallery CPH is an artist-driven artspace where artists, festivals, photographers and others are welcome to curate their own exhibitions in dialogue with the gallery. Dark Gallery also takes part in festivals and issues open calls.

Exhibiting and participating in gallery activities is free of charge, though you will generally need to cover associated expenses, such as any print material.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with ideas – or drop by during opening hours.


Institutional collaborations

Dark Gallery CPH is an experimental artspace open to collaboration with galleries, festivals and other institutions.

We generally do not host travelling exhibitions or works that have been previously exhibited. However, we are open to exhibition exchanges with festivals and other galleries.

We additionally curate our own travelling exhibitions, which are available to galleries and other public and private institutions.

Please contact the gallery for details.


Renting the gallery

Dark Gallery CPH is available for rent throughout the year for projects, exhibitions, and presentations that are not directly related to the gallery, such as brand storytelling or commercial activities. Rental periods can range from a single day to a full month. We offer add-on services including gallery staffing, graphic design, and PR support.

For pricing, service details, and availability, please contact the gallery directly.