Exhibitions & Press

2 September 2022 – 1 May 2023

I have a crown, I am a queen

What makes you an everyday queen? We posted an open call on social media looking for co-interpreting female models. Six women approached the gallery to share their life, dreams and ideas with us. Exploring the uncharted borderland between social-media selfie and photographer-guided portraiture, we created individual kaleidoscopic storyboards that reflected on the co-creative process and dialogue.

The exhibition was featured in the gallery dark space in the red glow of darkroom safety lighting. Visitors could experience how the artificial light in the adjacent rooms naturally changed colour after the visit to the dark space – because their eyes had gotten used to the red background light of the dark space. Some suddenly saw the light as green, others yellow or beige – even though the light sources had not changed.

The exhibition was developed in partnership between photographer and artist Kim Wyon from Dark Gallery CPH and artist Mahmoud Alibadi.

The exhibition at DARK GALLERY CPH was part of the Golden Days Festival 2022 and remained open from 2 September until 28 October 2022.

11 March – 20 May 2022


Travel into dreams – in the gallery darkroom. War nightmares, romantic fantasies, otherworldly escapes?

Recently graduated as a photographer from Universitè Paris 8, Vincennes Saint-Denis, in Paris, Cléa Castel invites visitors to explore nightly dreams in the gallery dark space. Bring your friends, lie down on the soft matrasses and cushions, close your eyes, listen to stories of dreams – and share your own. Or visit alone and whisper your nightly dreams to complete strangers.

You can book a private dream-sharing session on Tuesdays 15:00-16:00 for you and your friends – or join a group of strangers.

On Monday 14 March, you can join evening dream-sharing from 19:00-21:00.

Cléa Castel’s dream photography series will also be featured on the walls of the dark spaces in DARK GALLERY CPH. Get accustomed to the red safetylight of the darkroom and pick them out.

4 September 2021 – 1 February 2022


Analogue photography by match light. The exhibition took a
dark look at the ancie

Analogue photography by match light. The exhibition took a dark look at the ancient Greek myths that have given rise to modern-day psychiatric diagnosis. Visitors were handed a box of matches at the entrance with which to explore the analogue kaleidoscopic collages that were featured in the gallery dark space.

Visitors would explore the multi-layered collages by flickering match light, an experience enhanced by the slight wind current of a small fan in the gallery space. During opening days with many visitors, the sulphuric odour of the many match strikes would create an atmosphere reminiscent of the grottos of the Oracle of Delphi.  

The classic Greek myths of Antiquity are the founding narratives of modern-day psychiatric diagnosis. They are tales of phobia, traumas and madness. In the Greek myths, these states of mind were often seen to be induced by the gods. The exhibition sought to mirror these ancient tales of madness in our panicked age of pandemic and power-grabbing narcissism.

During the pandemic lockdown, the exhibition was open by appointment to closed groups, including school classes.

The exhibition was concepted and created by photographer and artist Kim Wyon. The exhibition at DARK GALLERY CPH was part of the Golden Days Festival, ANTIKKEN.


MAU MAU – the exhibition has been prolonged until 1 January 2023

MAU MAU is a documentary photo exhibition based on a never-before published war diary and photo album of a British soldier serving in colonial Kenya in 1955.

For decades, coffee-growing European settlers, including Danish storyteller Karen Blixen, had colonised the ancestral lands of the Kikuyu tribespeople in the Kenyan highlands. When MAU MAU insurgents rebelled against the colonists in the 1950s, the Kikuyu suffered the worst British war crime against civilians since the RAF bombing of Dresden in World War II.

More than 1.5 million Kikuyu were deported by the colonists to a system of concentration camps where they suffered starvation, torture, rape, summary execution, forced labour, and rampant epidemics.

The MAU MAU exhibition is a personal journey of discovery by a son of the British soldier – in search of answers to questions never asked.